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          Sichuan Ausbest International Trade CO.,Ltd is focusing on the foreign trading business , which invested and created by the Sichuan Tequ Investment Group Co.,Ltd(abbreviation as Tequ Group) . The Tequ Group is the subordinate secondary enterprise, which belongs to the Chinese famous private enterprise HuaXi Hope Group.  

          Sichuan Ausbest International trade Co.,Ltd was founded in May 2013.The company depends on the strong background of Hope Group, devoting develop the trading and popularize of the the export-import business involve the products relevant the food, agriculture and animal husbandry , which has independent export-import qualification. Right now the Sichuan Ausbest company imports and agent the milk permeate powder, lactose, calf milk substitute, fish meal,  chicken meal, Alfalfa hay, Oaten Hay , DDGS , sorghum, corn, barley and other feed raw materials products.

          The company obedience and promote the enterprise culture tenet. In foreign trade business we are looking for the high quality source of goods . The company has multicultural products structure to adapt the market demands , trying to bring the best products to the customers .